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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mouse? Try this WHOLE NEW MOUSE!!

Posted by David Chong Property(M)

Mouse is the most important device of Computer, without it, you cannot control/Operate you computer!
Even if your computer got the BEST ever performance, no mouse = no use, lol!! am i right?
Of course!

Today, I'm going to introduce you the mouse from apple product again, the MIGHT MOUSE !
Sounds great?
Well, let it performance impress you!!

Wow, does it that looks like a mouse? OMG!!!
It just looks like a soup.. LOLx...

Let's take a look at another view of its...

Well, i pretty like the DESIGN, because it is very very Unique!
Without anymore nonsense, let's see its features:

1.Wireless - With its secure, reliable Bluetooth technology, the wireless Mighty Mouse goes wherever you do. Pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled Mac and wireless keyboard to work untethered and uncluttered at your desk, or take your show on the road. Mighty Mouse lightens your load on the go by operating with either one or two AA batteries. That’ll save you lugging a bulky dock around.

2. Laser-guided precision - The wireless Mighty Mouse’s tracking engine is based on powerful laser technology that delivers 20 times the performance of standard optical tracking, giving you more accuracy and responsiveness on more surfaces. It works just as well on your office desk as it does on a table at your favorite coffee spot. So leave the mouse pad at home. Mighty Mouse is one smooth operator

3. The scrolling style - Plenty of applications require you to do more than scroll up and down. Mighty Mouse offers 360-degree scrolling capability, thanks to its Scroll Ball, perfectly positioned to roll smoothly under just one finger. Explore the farthest reaches of your files — pan images in iPhoto, view timelines in iMovie HD and Final Cut Pro, traverse bars in GarageBand and Logic Pro — with one hand tied behind your back (or holding a cup of coffee or typing). Mighty Mouse gives you room to roam.
-Take a look at the picture below:

4. Touch sensing - Touch-sensitive technology under Mighty Mouse’s seamless top shell detect where you’re clicking, transforming your sleek, one-button mouse into a two-button wonder. But the innovation doesn’t end there. Apple engineers added force-sensing buttons on either side of Mighty Mouse that let you squeeze the mouse, activating Mac OS X Dashboard, Exposé or a whole host of other, customizable features — instantly!

Wow, have you ever wondering, the mouse can have such INCREDIBLE features? OMG..
But, with apple, YES! Everything is possible in the world!

Now about the price, the most important thing? lol, is not, the most important is the performance and features!! Price is just guide you how to GET it!

Well, it is sell at $69 or rm260+ ...
For a Unique mouse like that, it isn't expensive!
Remember, we pay for its perfomance...
Hope you like it!!
Well, once again, thanks to to provide the information!


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