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Monday, March 23, 2009

USB lan adapter! - mostly for laptop

Posted by David Chong Property(M)

Last year, i always never shutdown my laptop every night, because i was downloading movies!

Unfortunately, there was a night with heavy lightning and storming, STRUCK on the Modem and that time i was sleeping. The day after, when i woke up, i found that my laptop was switched off, OMG! I thought my laptop KABOOM already!

I tried to switch on again ASAP, luckily there was nothing damage on my laptop, at my first thought!
BUT, when i was trying to connect to the internet, using the LAN adapter, WTF it was not working at all! And then i figured out that, the LAN adapter had been struck by thunder, and broken.. Wow, at the moment, i totally out of my mind, WHAT SHOULD I DO?

You know what, without INTERNET, i nearly can die, CANT SURVIVE! LOLx...

After that i tried my best to find, is there any USB LAN adapter available in Terengganu!
Well, luckily i found one, BUT one of my housemate laptop also suffered from the same situation, and the shop only sell ONE adapter only.. LOl! Finally, i was the only one that bought the adapter.. bad luck for my housemate! hahas!

Now take a look how's the USB LAN adapter looks like!
See the red circle below there? Yea, that's the usb lan adapter! i bought it for, if not mistaken rm49! or cheaper!!
Without that, you won't see me around now, LOLxx!!

That's the source of my energy! Wahaha!
Because the LAN adapter is cannot repair, if borken! I heard that if want to repair, you will need to change the entire MOTHERBOARD, wow!

So, USB LAN adapter is an option for those laptop with broken lan adapter!
That's all!