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Friday, April 10, 2009

heard about Ipod nano right? NOW, how about Ipod nano CHROMATIC?

Posted by David Chong Property(M)

Nowadays, want to catch up with the modern society, the most basic instrument you need is an "IPOD"!
I am sure you heard about Ipod before, is some kinds of smallest device that can play songs!
NOw, the Ipod nano Chromatic!
New design, features and comes out with 16GB memory!
Now take a survey at it features!

First of all,
1) It is a musical GENIUS!
How to say that? It is a feature which finds the songs in your music library that go great together and makes a Genius Playlist for you. It's like having your own highly intellegent, personal DJ.. Wow!
Take a look at the above picture, see the start genius button?

2) Shake your groove thing!
This feature allows you to shake the Ipod to shuffle you music! Just simply shake the ipod nano, then it will shuffle to different songs!
3) Rock and roll over!
Turn you ipod nano on its side, and you'll listen, watch and play in a new ways. You can flip through your album art with cover flow. Or, vertically speaking, you can see more album arts and artists on the screen at one time.
4) Ipod game!
Now you can get in one game made especially for ipod nano and the accelerometer. They respond to the way you move, so they're immersive, addictive, and a blast. Ipod nano comes with maze, which lets you work wat through vast mazes by tilting and moving.

5) World biggest SMALL screen!
Now you can use your ipod nano to watch movie, tv shows, videos is big fun on ipod nano. High resolution picture looks crisp and vivid on the 2 -inch widescreen display.
Now the price!! erm, is cost about $ 149
Yea, that's all!
Hope you like it!


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